James E. Thornton, Director/Counselor

Jim is an experienced counselor having worked as a professional counselor for 16 years in and around Binghamton, NY.  He has logged over 8,500 client hours and almost 1,800 group hours with over 2,000 different clients.  He has experience counseling a diversified group of people from respected professionals to those with mental illness, addictions or criminal convictions.  Jim believes the ability to help an assorted population comes from truth found in the Word of God and not from his personal wisdom.

Jim uses his spiritual gift of discernment and the Holy Spirit’s guidance to help him find the root to the problems people face.  He is not judgmental, and does not feel he is better than those he counsels.  He sees himself as a wounded healer, helping others out of the pain he has experienced.

Major areas of experience include marital conflicts, sexual abuse and sexual addiction, codependency, anger and depression.  He has also developed and taught courses to train professional counselors, pastors and lay counselors.





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