NEW! Counseling Course Being Offered



NEW!  Course being offered by Center of Hope

Facilitated by Jim Thornton

This class will be held on Monday mornings here at the Center of Hope starting March 24, 2014 from 9:30 to 11:00 am.  It is a course for pastors and lay leaders who are involved in Christian Counseling or would like to be.  Some experience and/or education is required as this is an advanced course.  All applicants will be interviewed and screened before admittance to the course.  Each student will be asked to counsel at least two individuals during the course.  You will not receive college credit for this course, but you will get practical advise on how to be a counselor.  If you have some God given gifts in this area and would like more practical experience, call Center of Hope at 570-275-2280.

The following list includes some of the questions that will be answered:

How does one encourage change in a positive direction through counseling?

What charactaristics does the counselor need to help facilitate change?

What are some models one can follow to bring about change?

How do I develop listening skills and empathy?

What are some of the casino online tools that I can use to assist me as a counselor?

Some of the topics that will be discussed are listed below:

Depression                                       Self -esteem

Anxiety                                              Co-dependency

Addiction                                          An abusive past

Sexual sin                                           Shame

Marriage counseling will be briefly covered as an introduction to a follow-up course

You will lean how to use the following tools:

Genograms, Trauma Eggs, Time Lines and Various Assessment Tools

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