By Him, Through Him, For Him

Next to a Holy God, who can stand? Am I better than the woman in jail because I didn’t get caught? Is there a little sin and a big sin? God hates all sin. Jesus made a way so we can be covered by his righteousness through His sinless life and His work on the cross. He intercedes and prays for us.

  Who sinned, Jesus? This man or his parents, that he is blind? Neither this man nor His parents, but he has this to bring glory to God. No pain has to be in vain. Your life isn’t over or wasted because of your past, a loss, or a disability. God works ALL things together for good of those who love and fear Him. He can use us when we surrender to Him. What the world may consider trash or dumb, He makes them shine like new. Our struggles mold us into new people when we are His children.

A old woman this week said she realizes her days are numbered so she tries to pray each day to make up for her sinful life. Jesus did the work for us, to be set free from our old life. He gives us His power to repent and to resist giving into our old desires. We will still struggle with temptations, Jesus was tempted. Paul writes “I don’t really understand myself, for I want to do what is right, but I don’t do it. Instead, I do what I hate”.-Romans 7

The longer we are saved, the more we will desire to do what’s right, and the more fruit we bare. If you say you are saved 20 yrs ago but have not grown stronger in resisting old sins, increasing your love, have more peace, & forgiving others quicker, then you probably are not saved. Saved people know they are sinners and want more and more to please God.

Jesus came to heal the sick, but they had to know they were sick.

 The Pharoses were raised in the church/followed all the rules/and knew the scriptures. I know how to get to New York but I am not there. Being in church doesn’t make me a Christian. Knowing how to be saved and believing that Jesus died for my sins doesn’t save me. The demons believe and shudder in fear at the name of Jesus. Are demons saved because they believe?

There has to be a change. If your faith hasn’t changed you, it hasn�����t saved you. The Holy Spirit will counsel us and convict us. We are all sinners in need of a Savior.

For the past few weeks I have been meeting with some women in prison. I share an exercise class, prayer time, and the hope of Jesus Christ. I tell them about His grace and how He has changed my life. Some people have said to me “why do you go there? They do not deserve it. What does it benefit you?” My answers are: “I go because Christ�����������s died for all. His love isn’t deserved, it is a free gift. I am blessed by these ladies and I enjoy my time with them. I love hearing testimonies of God’s mercies and seeing people come to repentance. I am supposed to share the gospel with the lost because Jesus said go and make disciples���.  These ladies are willing and grateful. I am sure glad that people told me about Jesus & prayed for me when I was in my mess of sin and darkness.

You can know you are saved today. You can be certain. It’s not just believing, you have to repent as well. God gives us the gift of His Spirit to those who ask and desire a change. He isn’t finished with us yet, so give yourself a break and forgive yourself when you mess up. Rely on Him and His strength today.

God’s Word transforms us. It changes and renovates us. And according to Psalm 19:7, it converts death into life and spiritual ignorance into wisdom. God’s Word has the power to transform anyone. He can soften even the hardest of hearts. Put your trust in Him today!

I want to make a difference!